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Overseeing The Move In

While getting all of your items into boxes, wrapped up, and onto the moving truck might seem simple enough, unloading and unpacking is a different story! Your unloading crew will need plenty of help from you in order to get everything safely into the house and placed in the correct rooms according to your preferences. If at all possible, you should plan to arrive at your new home well ahead of the moving truck so that you can address any unexpected situations, prepare the house for your possessions, and remove any doors or stair banisters to protect them from damage.

Preparing The House

In a new house, it is very difficult for movers to tell what plans you have for each room. While your boxes may be clearly marked as to what room they belong in, your moving crew will not know which rooms many of those are without some help from you. Place large signs on each door to tell the crew which room it is, and walk through the house with the crew before unloading to explain your plans for any attic/crawlspace areas, outdoor storage, etc. Taking the time to make sure that all of your items end up in the correct rooms on moving in day will eliminate the need for you to rearrange things later on.

Be Decisive

On the other hand, unloading is not the time to make choices about where certain pieces of furniture or artwork should go permanently. Even if you are not sure about the destination of a box or piece, be prepared to tell a mover quickly where he can put it if it is not immediately obvious. If possible, designate a room where things can be placed temporarily. There is nothing more tiring for a mover than carrying a sofa or chair around while you decide which wall it should sit against!

Check Your Shipment For Damage

It is impossible to tell whether any part of your load has been damaged until you open up the boxes and unpack. Have a camera on hand to photograph any damage that you suspect occurred during shipping, and ask your agent or driver about the moving company’s claim filing process. Prepare to sign whatever final documentation is necessary and pay fees that are due at unloading. Finally, don’t forget to thank your moving partners for their hard work and reward them with a generous tip.