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Storage Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

Long Distance Moving Companies has heard every possible reason that a customer needs self-storage. These reasons include local and long distance moves, employment relocations, school, extended vacations and even motor vehicle storage space for classic, exotic and collectible cars. No matter what the reason is that you may need a storage unit, we have the facilities that you need from coast to coast. We offer storage that is affordable and catered to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

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Will there be security at the storage facility?

Most facilities offer 24 hour video surveillance and are completely surrounded by fencing as well as alarmed. Others are staffed with full time personal security staff. This will vary from one location to another but all of the storage facilities nationwide are safe and secure and your household items, furniture, motor vehicles or other important property will be safe at all times once the storage unit is loaded and locked.

Will I be able to access my personal property after normal business hours?

At most facilities, yes. Once you have loaded your storage space with your property you will be able to lock the door on your own storage unit and access it at any time that you need. Most facilities are open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. and you will be able to enter freely during business hours. If you need to access the unit after normal business hours, you will usually be able to do so by entering a passcode at the gate or by making arrangements with facility staff. I need to store a car, are the storage units large enough for motor vehicles? Most storage units are at least 8 feet wide while many are also up to 10 feet wide or wider. We can provide storage space, both indoors as well as outdoors for cars, trucks, passenger vans, sport utility vehicles and others including boats, motorcycles and even recreational vehicles.

Are storage units climate controlled?

Long Distance Moving Companies can get you set up with both climate controlled storage as well as non-climate controlled storage space. Climate controlled storage maintains a temperature range between 60 and 74 degrees and also has constant air circulation and humidity control in each unit. The climate is generated the same throughout the entire storage building to ensure proper temperature and humidity levels. Will I need to go up or down stairs while loading or unloading my storage unit? No. The ground is level at all self-storage areas and there are no steps or steep ramps to worry about when loading or unloading.

Will I need to sign a contract for a storage unit?

In most cases, the storage space is rented on a month to month basis and will not require a contract. You will need to sign important paperwork pertaining to the use of the unit and insurance of personal property. If you need long-term storage, you may need to sign a contract before you will be able to access the unit. This will vary from one state to another bases on local ordinances and state regulations.

Can I purchase moving or packing supplies from the storage facility?

This will vary from one location to the next. A great deal of the storage facilities that we work with have ample packing and moving supplies on hand including tape, boxes and other supplies, for customers to purchase.

Can I have items delivered to my storage unit?

Many locations nationwide will accept deliveries and will have a key to unlock your storage unit and place the items inside. Some locations will not be able to handle deliveries or handle your items. If you will need this service you will need to ask the facility staff member upfront if they offer these services.

Will a large tractor trailer or moving truck be able to drive to my storage unit?

Most of the self-storage facilities have ample large truck access outside of the large storage units where a truck can pull up to your storage space door. If you are using an indoor storage unit, you may pull the moving or delivery truck outside and then bring your household items or furnishings inside to the unit by furniture/appliance dolly or large carts.

What payment formats are accepted?

Most facilities will accept debit, cash or a major credit card for payment.
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Storage Solutions

When you need fast solutions to your storage needs, we can take care of you quickly and with the best rates in the nation. Whether you need self-storage or large, private, secure storage units, we have the storage space for all of your household property, furniture, motor vehicles, boats and motorcycles and other items that may need stored. We also have the best access to moving supplies including packing tape and boxes, bubble wrap, furniture blankets and other merchandise including padlocks to keep your property safe and secure once it is loaded inside the unit.