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Long Distance Office Moving Companies & Movers

long distance office moving services Moving an office might even be more of a hassle than residential moving, because office furnishing and accessories are often more expensive and there is generally more chaos associated with moving so many people at one time. You need an out of state moving company that understands the precarious nature of moving an office to ensure that the process goes smoothly and your staff can easily relocate and get back to business as usual in the company’s new space.

Choosing An Office Moving Company

When you are choosing long distance office movers, you might consider choosing a company with experience in moving offices similar to yours. As a corporate customer, you should expect top-notch rates and a consultation ahead of the move to discuss your expectations, potential roadblocks and the company’s proposed method for a timeline on moving your office and how they plan to handle some of the more delicate pieces in your office (i.e. custom-made desks that don’t come in detachable pieces). This information is important before booking with any one company to ensure that your office is moved with damaging any of the important pieces within your space.

Moreover, the move needs to be done with the least possible amount of interruption to your staff. A professional long distance office mover will be able to get your office packed up, moved across a distance and re-set up with minimal interruption to your staff. A reputable moving company should also be able to offer competitive rates and storage options for your company if you are still on the hunt for the perfect space.


Keep in mind that when you hire a professional office mover to move your office over a long distance, communication is key. Discuss what your plan is for your staff, how quickly you need to be setback up, who will be the on-site point person during the packing and un-packing process. The more information you can provide to the moving company ahead of the move, the more smoothly your move will run. Discuss everything from whether or not the trucks are climate controlled to ensure that during the long-distance move, your furniture doesn’t warp to materials used for packing purposes to debris removal, depending on the company with which you decide to work. You might also inquire about art and antique moving services, if have any art components in your office that also need to be moved.