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Long Distance Rates, Quotes & Prices

long distance moving rates and price quotes The cost of moving services is a top consideration anytime someone is considering hiring a company to move their items. After all, moving itself is an expensive venture, and the longer the distance, the more costly the move will be. There are a number of considerations when it comes to the rates and quoted rates of moving companies. However, it should be noted that rates should not be your sole consideration when booking the services of a moving company. Competitive rates are important, as is the reputation of the company and the services it offers.

Long Distance Moving Quote Considerations

When you are requesting long distance moving quotes from a long distance moving company, one of the things you want to ask is the policy for honoring quotes. For instance, some long distance moving prices are only available for a certain length of time, while others are good no matter when you book services. You should also inquire whether or not you can add services a la carte, without the need to change the core line-up of services.

Additionally, find out if rates change. Some moving companies change their quotes charging more during the busy summer season, for instance, since that is when most people move over a long distance. This is something to ask when you are considering hiring a company to move your home.


Keep in mind that while rates and prices are not the only consideration, it is important to choose a company with the best range of services you can afford. Don’t break the bank to move, since there are still a number of other costs associated with moving that will crop up. Some moving companies will offer discounts for moving over a certain distance, being a first time customer or for referrals for others that you know that may be moving, so it never hurts to ask when booking your services if the company in question offers discounts of any type.