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long distance furniture moving services Everyone's classic moving nightmare involves the sofa--that gorgeous black leather mass that turned your living room into a bastion of comfort. Someone drops the sofa down the stairs. The sofa's jagged wooden leg scrapes the wall of your home. Your ottoman scrapes an exposed nail, tearing that opulent, overpriced leather.

Long Distance Furniture Moving Services Information

No one wants to damage their sofa during a move. Fortunately, there are some expert techniques you can apply to ensure your sofa is scuff-free when relocating.

The simplest--though probably the most expensive--method of protecting your couch is to purchase a couch cover. You might think it is pricey, but it sure is cheaper than the deposit on your home.

Many long distance moving services might offer to shrink wrap your couch, protecting the legs and sheltering your piece of furniture from dust and debris. This is a safe option that offers only moderate protection.

Remember that your plush ottoman has a secret weapon that does the most damage during a move: its wooden legs. They need to be protected or padded.

The moving process can turn those comfy couches into waking nightmares. Make sure they are protected for a safe and happy move, ensuring that you can enjoy that sofa for a lifetime.