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Did You Pack This in Your Sleep?
How To Properly Move Your Mattresses

moving mattresses long distances How do you pack a mattress? They are large, ungainly, and overall a royal pain in the neck to move. However, getting your mattress moved right is vitally important: you paid a lot of money for it, and you need a bed for the inevitable post-moving day exhaustion.

Your Options When Moving A Mattress

You have two choices: you can either drop the mattress onto the moving truck as-is, or you can pack it into a moving carton. Do not take the first option. As wonderful as mattresses are to curl up on and sleep, they can become fertile ground for growing airborne germs and other nasty critters. In addition, the likelihood of damaging your mattress during a move is pretty high: it is made out of thread, and scraping it along the ground or letting it roll around on the floor of a truck is a recipe for disaster. You want to pack your own mattress.

Purchase a mattress carton. You will be glad you did. You can stuff the mattress inside standing up, sealing it from dirt, scuffs, scrapes, and other harmful elements. Be sure to pack your box spring and frame in the same way if possible to avoid damage.

With your mattress moved successfully—damage and dirt free—you will be prepared to enjoy your bed as soon as moving day is over.